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    Yuyao Huaxingmeile Electrical Appliance Factory

    Company Introduction

    Yuyao Huaxingmeile Electrical Appliance Factory is a modern export-orientated enterprise engaged in the production of electrical and electronic products and components, including a range of home appliances with most of them exported. We are also engaged in the design of the integrated circuits of monolithic processors ...


    electric ceramic cooker/hob ceramic HX-14-2000
    Quick Details HX-1-2000
    ceramic cooker HX-1-2000
    Table Charcoal Grill XH-11-1500
    Charcoal smokeless Grill XH-11-1500
    Table Charcoal Grill XH-11-1500
    Table Grill XH-11-1500
    Salamander Grill HX-1107
    Pizzarette 6 persons
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